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Daugava – the river of Destiny
Daugava is the largest river in Latvia and also one of the most prominent national symbols. It is featured in legends and myths and is commonly called «mother Daugava» and «the river of Destiny».
Easter Rabbits
Up to this day, scientists have not registered any Easter Rabbits in Latvia.
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
Land surrounding the coasts of the Sea of Latgale
The special charm of the Latgale region is the beautiful landscapes surrounded by lakes, forests and ancient hill forts. The diverse natural landscape and cultural heritage is the reason why in 2007, Raznas National Park was established in this
496 kilometres of coast
Out of the almost two thousand kilometres of land that outlines Latvia’s border some 496 kilometres is surrounded by the Baltic Sea.
White wagtail about one of the smallest animals of Latvia
The length of this small, squirrel-like animal is only 15-20 cm, including its lush, long tail. It weighs 30-40 grams, the rough equivalent to four 1 € coins.
White wagtail in Slītere National Park
Slitere National Park was established in 2000, although here in Northwest of Latvia it has existed under different names and areas of protection since as far back as 1923.
White wagtail in Līgatne Nature Trails
Līgatne Nature Trails, for many years known as Līgatne Learning and Amusement Park, are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. That is how much time has passed since its establishment in 1975.
The national insect of Latvia
This small, colourful beetle is known as a ladybug or ladybird, as well as «dievgosniņa» in Latvian, literally meaning «God’s little cow».
Real world of wetlands
Only half an hour’s drive from the Latvian capital of Riga and you can already find yourself in a completely different world. Founded in 1997, Ķemeri National Park is a real world of wetlands.
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