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Symbiosis of nature, science & art
Dabas koncertzāle is the Latvian word for Nature Concerthall which has evolved, starting from the year 2006 as a concert conducted in nature to bring people closer to the understanding of that nature, its inhabitants and how to care for it.
State of Nature in the EU
The Commission has adopted a new report providing the most comprehensive picture yet on the ‘State of Nature in the EU’. The findings show that targeted conservation actions have brought successes, but a much greater effort is required.
The most endangered insect species in the world
Despite the widespread prevalence of the hermit beetle, it is the most endangered insect species in the world faced with the risk of extinction in all those areas it inhabits.
A special place for people and nature
Innovation and sustainable development coexisting with vast bogs, the rolling landscapes of the North Vidzeme region and Salaca – the 4th most important salmon river in the Baltic Sea region. Sounds impossible?
Adazi military training area
The military training area at «Adazi», which has been used for military training for almost 100 years, since 2004 has been part of the Natura 2000 protected site network.
One of the largest bogs in the Baltics
In Teiči Reserve, it is like being in tundra – no matter where you look, you will see kilometres of swampy hollows grown with mosses and small birch and pine trees.
Post-ice age relict
In Latvia, the dwarf birch (Betula nana) is not only rare and protected, but also a relict - an ancient plant that has survived from the post-glacial period.
Students from Sweden visit North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve
Swedish students visit North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve within the study course „International Environmental issues” to get acquainted with biosphere rezerve, its management and all concept maintenance related issues.
Daugava – the river of Destiny
Daugava is the largest river in Latvia and also one of the most prominent national symbols. It is featured in legends and myths and is commonly called «mother Daugava» and «the river of Destiny».
Easter Rabbits
Up to this day, scientists have not registered any Easter Rabbits in Latvia.
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