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Latgale - Wetland of Lubāns
Wetland of Lubāns is a huge territory covering more than 50,000 hectares that are dedicated to protection of the biggest Latvian wetland. Vastness of this territory is so huge that its immense significance has been recognised both in Latvian and European, and even global scale.
Lake Lubāns which has formed in the result of glacier melting after the last ice age is shallow still very big lake, and its water level tends to range taking an area of 8,240-9,550 hectares. Now the water level of lake Lubāns is controlled by a number of dams.
Here you can experience perfect nature conditions for a range of very colourful specially protected bird species such as bittern (Botaurus stellaris), lesser spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina), white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), bewick’s swan (Cygnus columbianus), whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus), and many more bird species that stop here not only for a meal. More than 180 bird species have chosen the wetland of Lubāns as their nesting place. In early spring and autumn, here the sight is very bright since thousand of swans gathers before nesting and autumn migration.
Presence of birds in such big diversity is possible owing to lake Lubāns with its wealthy water plants and nearby fish ponds, as well as surrounding meadows, bogs, and forests that are good for birds to nest and nurse.
It is obvious that this territory is full of birds. For watching birds and seeing landscape, 6 bird watching towers have been built in the wetland of Lubāns, and you can borrow a telescope or binocular in its tourism information point. However currently only 2 towers (Dimanti and Akmeņsala) are functioning, while it is possible to watch birds form a sightseeing terrace of Water tourism development centre “Bāka”. This centre offers also other recreational activities — windsurfing to both, beginners and professionals, rides by a motor boat, and romantic rides by a row-boat on ponds of Kvapāni.
Thus this is one of those rare places where you can go and watch birds without previous preparation since the main thing is a wish to see a thing!