Species and habitat conservation plans
The Ministry of Environment according to The Law of Species and Habitat Protection (point 4, paragraph 5), issued instruction No.166 about the routine of creating the protection plan of species and habitats.

The routine of planning  species an habitat protection
The planning of Species and habitat protection is coordinated and supervised by Nature Protection Agency.
Suggestions about protection of species and habitats can be submitted by any person or organisation. The proposals should be handed in to NPB. The proposals should include following information:
  1. justification of the necessity of the plan 
  2. amount of work and money required
  3. possible sources of financing
  4. possible developer  and cooperation partners
  5. possible interest groups influenced by the plan
NPB gives its conclusion about the plan in a month. If necessary, experts are involved in the evaluation process by NPB. The author of the proposal is informed about the decision made. 
Confirmed species protection plans
Order of Minister of Environment
Species Protection Plans
Nr. 1-2/57 (VARAM 16.04.2018.) Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra)  (PDF 1,14 MB)
Nr. 1-2/27 (VARAM 09.02.2018.) Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)  (PDF 2,00 MB)
Nr. 1-2/3 (VARAM 12.01.2018.)
Nr. 1-2/200 (VARAM 27.12.2017.)
Nr. 1-2/201 (VARAM 27.12.2017.) Hazel Grouse (Bonasa bonasia)  (available in Latvian)
Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) (available in Latvian)
Nr. 186. (19.06.2010.)
Nr. 394. (21.11.2008.)
Nr. 212. (02.07.2008.)
Natterjack Toad (Bufo calamita) (available in Latvian)
Nr. 45. (18.02.2008.)
Nr. 12. (10.01.2007.)
Nr. 428. (28.12.2005.)
Hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita) (available in Latvian)
Nr. 140. (14.04.2005.)
Black stork (Ciconia nigra)(available in Latvian)
Nr. 2. (04.01.2005.)
Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) (available in Latvian)
Nr. 363. (10.11.2004.)
Nr. 75. (03.03.2004.)