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Nature education specialists from Estonia and Russia visited Latvia

In mid-June the Nature Conservation Agency in the framework of the project “People with nature” of Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme together with project partners in Latvia received guests from Estonia and Russia to go on a study trip to nature education centres in Latvia.
More than 20 nature education specialists from Latvia, Estonia and Russia participated in a five-day study trip on which they had the possibility to visit various nature and cultural history education centres in Latvia. The trip was a good opportunity to present the first good deeds that have been accomplished within the project and pay a visit to the new nature education centres “Razna” in Lipski within the Razna National Park, “Vecupites” in the Gauja National Park near Valmiera, “Ziemelvidzeme” in Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve in Salacgriva and also “Jaundome” in Dagda region which has been established by Dagda Local Municipality, being one of the project partners. To gain as wide insight into the environment education in Latvia as possible also many other environment educators were visited, among them both nature and cultural history specialists. The most remarkable experiences were a visit at a potter Evalds Vasilevskis with wonderful presentation of a potter’s craft, the Latgalian hospitality on a farmstead in Andrupene and the Bread Museum in Aglona. Also the visit to the Kalsnava Arboretum turned out to be a bright moment – participants of the tour were in raptures about the beautiful peony garden which at the time of our visit was in full blossom.
New experience was gained in each and every nature education centre and also good examples in working with children and adult audiences were seen and fresh ideas for improving every nature education specialist’s activity were gained. In all, 19 objects in Latgale and Vidzeme were visited.
This was the second study trip within the project “People with nature”. At the end of the last year project partners visited Estonia where they learned more about the Estonian nature education system. In mid-September a similar trip shall be made to Russia in order to gain an insight into the work of nature education specialists in this country and share experience in the field of nature education.
The study trip was organized within the project “Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” or “People with nature”. The project is being implemented in the territory of Latvia, Estonia and Russian Federation, and its main objective is to raise the awareness of the society on sustainable development and integrated nature conservation in the project implementation area as well as raise capacity of nature conservation institutions to the project in the field of nature education. The project duration is 30 months – till 30 September 2014. The project is co-financed by the Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013. Total funding of the project is EUR 1 499 977 or LVL 1 054 190, from which 90 % constituting EUR 1 349 979 or LVL 948 771 is co-financed by Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme.
Ilze Vanaga
Nature Conservation Agency
Communication specialist
Photo: I.Vanaga
Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 provides financial support to joint cross-border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilising its potential and beneficial location in the cross-roads between the European Union and the Russian Federation. The home page of the Programme:

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