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Opening of Environmental Education Centre Meža māja

On the beginning of August, during the Ķemeri festival the boardwalk of the Great Ķemeri bog and the nature education centre Meža māja were opened.
With the support of the EU Cohesion Fund project “The formation of the informative infrastructure on reduction of the anthropogenic load in the Natura 2000 sites” the boardwalk of the Great Ķemeri bog now has a completely new quality, two walking paths, a new three-level watchtower and other surprises.
The nature education centre has been established in the framework of the Estonia – Latvia –Russia cross-border cooperation project People and Nature, and it offers to the visitors of the Ķemeri National Park new opportunities for exploration of the nature`s treasures.
At the introductory part of the opening event a seminar was held. It discussed the role of the state institutions in exploration and in the forming an offer that contributes for sustainable development in the specially protected nature territories in Latvia. The Nature Conservation Agency experts shared their experience on the development of the nature exploration offer in the Ķemeru National Park and encouraged discussion on future cooperation between all parties involved that would ensure successful development and growth of the established offer. The event was financed by the project of the Environmental Protection Fund of Latvia “The means for informing the society in the framework of the 20th anniversary of the specially protected nature territories.”
The boardwalk in the Great Ķemeri bog is not the only new object in the Ķemeru National Park. Visitors are also welcome to the boardwalk at the fen of Lake Kaņieris, to the trail at the hillfort of Lake Kaņieris, to the pedestrian and bicycle route at the Zaļā kāpa (Green Sand dune), to parking spaces near Lake Valgums, as well as to take steps to access the seashore Gausā jūdze (Slow Mile).
We kindly ask visitors to use the infrastructure respectively to the aims of its development – to watch nature and to have a rest time in a nature-friendly way, protecting the new nature paths from any damage, and taking the garbage with them when leaving, instead of dropping it in the nature.
The project „Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” duration is 30 months – till the 30th September 2014. Total funding of the project is 1 499 977 EUR or 1 054 190 LVL (90% – 1 349 979 EUR or 948 771 LVL is co-financed by Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007 – 2013 and 10% – 149 998 EUR or 105 419 LVL by Project partners).
 Ilze Vanaga
Nature Conservation Agency
Project communication specialist
Photo: I.Vanaga

“Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 financially supports joint cross border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilizing its potential and beneficial location on the crossroads between the EU and Russian Federation. The Programme web-site is”

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