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A Step Forward in Implementation of Green Ideas

On Thursday, August 29, in Salacgrīva a new Nature Education Centre (hereafter –NEC) Ziemeļvidzeme was opened for visitors. The opening was attended by Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (Latvian acronym for the Ministry – VARAM) Edmunds Sprūdžs, Director General of Nature Conservation Agency (hereafter – NCA) Sandra Bērziņa, Chairman of Salacgrīva County council Dagnis Straubergs, and participants of the forum of non-governmental organizations of Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve.
In his address to the participants of the event the Minister of VARAM Edmunds Sprūdžs said: “The key to successful environmental protection is the ability to interact since environmental protection is the art of compromises. In their daily work everyone should think not only about the protection of the respective species or habitat, but also one should remember about the place and role of people in the nature, and in the country.”
The Director General of NCA Sandra Bērziņa emphasised that environmental education has been and always will be one of the priorities of the Nature Conservation Agency. Therefore launching of the new environmental education centre is an great support in its implementation.
The Chairman of Salacgrīva County council Dagnis Straubergs expressed his contentment with the development of the county and town, and that green thinking is strongly emphasised in it.
The signing of Salacgrīva County council Declaration of Green County between the county council and Nature Conservation Agency confirmed willingness to continue and expand mutual cooperation and implement new ideas. It was also confirmed by the signature of the VARAM Minister. The Green Declaration has been adopted in order to encourage and promote a healthy, economic, environmentally and human friendly sustainable lifestyle, and economic activity in Salacgrīva County, and involve its residents and interest groups in the implementation of these ideas.
The opening event of the NEC Ziemeļvidzeme also included a forum On Further Development of Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve – future trends for non-governmental organizations of the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. The participants represented various non-governmental organizations from both the Biosphere Reserve area, and beyond, as well as state and county government institutions; they discussed the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve and development priorities of North Vidzeme Region, and ideas for composing a new Reserve governance model.
The Nature Education Centre “Ziemeļvidzeme” has been developed in the framework of the Estonia – Latvia – Russia cross-border cooperation project “People with nature”.
The project „Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” duration is 30 months – till the 30th September 2014. Total funding of the project is 1 499 977 EUR or 1 054 190 LVL (90% – 1 349 979 EUR or 948 771 LVL is co-financed by Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007 – 2013 and 10% – 149 998 EUR or 105 419 LVL by Project partners).
Andris Soms
Nature Conservation Agency

“Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013 financially supports joint cross border development activities for the improvement of the region’s competitiveness by utilizing its potential and beneficial location on the crossroads between the EU and Russian Federation. The Programme web-site is”

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