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Application period for Green Talents Award has now started
Become a Green Talent, promote your sustainability research in Germany and gain exclusive access to a remarkable network of excellent young researchers.
Save the date(s) for this year’s Nature Concerthall events!
It’s about time we let you know when to attend Nature Concerthall events in 2016.
EU Parliament votes for Nature
On the 2nd February, the European Parliament successfully approved the report on the mid term review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy.
Merry Christmas!
Summer solstice or Jāņi is the most popular Latvian festivity.
Pyramids of hay
Nowadays, the most common approach is for the grass cuttings to be dried and then pressed into bales or rolled into large rolls. However, for the time being, you can still see the «pyramids» of hay or haycocks.
The only wild gladiolus species in Latvia
The sword-like leaves inspired the ancient Greeks and Romans to come up with a legend about friends, who were forced to fight in a gladiator tournament. After their death, the magnificent gladiolus flower would blossom from their swords.
The fragile lace crafted by plants and spring waters
In Rauna, of the many natural riches, the most distinguished is that of the Staburags cliffs of Rauna. There is no other place in the Rauna River valley, where in such a small area you could find so many fascinating things.
Symbiosis of nature, science & art
Dabas koncertzāle is the Latvian word for Nature Concerthall which has evolved, starting from the year 2006 as a concert conducted in nature to bring people closer to the understanding of that nature, its inhabitants and how to care for it.
State of Nature in the EU
The Commission has adopted a new report providing the most comprehensive picture yet on the ‘State of Nature in the EU’. The findings show that targeted conservation actions have brought successes, but a much greater effort is required.