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Meadows of Dunduri
Džūkste parish, Tukums county
X: 463440, Y: 6298617 / Lat: 56.8299499, Lon: 23.4008938
Located in the territory of ĶEMERI National Park
Forest enveloped meadows in which wild horses and wild cows have found their home in the 120 ha of pasture-ground for several years already. You may observe European protected bird species in these meadows – lesser spotted eagle, corn crake, if you are lucky, also white-tailed eagle and black stork. The river Slampe runs through the meadows – the first river renewal project in Latvia was performed here; the watercourse turned into a melioration ditch some time ago has been turned back into a river.
The meadows of Dunduri offer good possibilities for observation of birds and wild horses and cows. A viewing tower with the height of 5.5 m and the dike (kurgan) help visitors look out over the meadows of Dunduri; there is a parking lot at the tower.
Photo by: A.Liepa
Renewal of the River Slampe 
Yet in the first half of the past century the River Slampe possessed a serpentine inflow characteristic to natural rivers; mostly the river was flowing through wet floodplain meadows. In order to make the meadows suitable for agricultural production, in 1974 extensive amelioration was carried out in the meadows of Dunduri, as a result of which the river was dug anew and straightened out. The surrounding meadows were ameliorated. As a result, the natural diversity decreased sharply and the river turned into a ditch; certain species with low requirements found their shelter therein.
Straightened River Slampe before performance of renewal works. Photo by: G.Pāvils
2005. In 2005 the administration of Ķemeri National Park performed renewal works of the river. The lower section of the Slampe’s ditch of 2.1 km length was dug anew with a shallower and more serpentine bed with a total length of 4.6 km. The digging of the river bed close to the natural river will, in the long run, create a shelter for many species of animal which inhabit only natural water courses (for example, the thick shelled river mussel).
Before the new mouth of the River Slampe into the Kauguri Channel, a spillway was created which increased the level of the river by one metre. This difference in the level allows the River Slampe to flood ambient meadows and form the environment characteristic to floodplains which is suitable for many rare and protected species of animals and plants.
The meadows of Dunduri and the River Slampe in summer 2006. Photo by: Metrum Ltd.
Meadow, forest
The viewing tower and kurgan help visitors look out over the meadows.
You may park your car in the parking lot at the viewing tower.
Information stands provide information about the meadows of Dunduri.
The viewing tower is not accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.
The slope of kurgan is comparatively abrupt, however visitors in wheelchairs may drive up with the help of companions.
Getting there
Access to meadows by public transport is rather inconvenient. You may go by train from Riga to Jelgava; from Jelgava you can take a bus Jelgava-Tukums and go in the direction of Tukums until the bus stop “Lancenieki”. It is 4 km from the bus stop to the tower.
The best way to visit this bird observation place is a car, by which you may easily to drive up to the tower itself where there is a parking lot. Driving from Riga, take the Ventspils motorway (A10) and drive 50 km from Riga centre until the turn to Slampe (Slampe 9) where you turn left on the gravel road. Drive 5.3 km to the T-type crossing where you turn left. Then after exactly 1 km turn again to the left passing the farm of Melnragi. The next section of 7 km leads through the Throat of Melnragi and meadows of Dunduri.
One observation platform, so called “kurgan” – an artificial dike made especially for this purpose – is located in the end of the Throat of Melnragi at the bridge across the River Slampe. The other place suitable for looking out over the meadows of Dunduri is a viewing tower made of wood which is located in the central part of the meadows of Dunduri.
Regulations for staying
Presence of visitors in the enclosed territory is prohibited.
Attention – electricity – do not touch fencing (electric fences).
It is prohibited to feed and disturb wild horses and cows on pasture-ground.
Useful information
Certain information regarding this place for observing of animals may change from time to time. If you have determined an inconsistency of the information, please contact the Ķemeri National Park Administration of the Nature Conservation Agency, phone +371 67730078, e-mail:

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