The Nature Conservation Agency ensures implementation of unified nature protection policy in Latvia.

Main functions of Nature Conservation Agency:

  • Management of all protected areas in Latvia;
  • nature protection planning management and promotion of the plans;
  • scientifical research management in protected areas;
  • carry out the cooperation with local authorities, tourism entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations and education institutions to promote nature conservation;
  • carry out the functions of supervision of „The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES) including issuing the permission for importing and exporting  protected animal and plant species.
    • In accordance with laws and regulations issues, suspends or cancels following licences:
    • licences to introduce species of animals uncharacteristic for Latvia;
    • licences for reintroduction of extinct animal populations;
    • licences for obtaining non-game animal and bird individuals;
    • other licences fixed in laws and regulations;
  • educate and inform the society about nature conservation.

Nature Conservation Agency has 4 structural units:

  • Pieriga Regional Administration
  • Vidzeme Regional Administration
  • Kurzeme Regional Administration
  • Latgale Regional Administration