Execution deadline in working days
Any person
Receiving restrictions

Any person may submit a proposal in writing and the Natural Protection Board is entitled to decide on the establishment of a micro-reserve, the clarification of the territory of the micro-reserve or the abolition of the status of micro-reserve in nature reserves and national parks.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service is free.
    A person shall submit a proposal by completing the first part of the application and inventory questionnaire for the specially protected species and habitat microreserve, accompanied by graphically or digitally represented areas of expected micro-reserve on a scale of 1:50 00 or 1:10 000.

    If the proposal for the establishment of a micro-reserve is not accompanied by an expert opinion, the Natural Protection Board shall request that an expert of the relevant habitat group, species or group of species be given an opinion.

    Upon receipt of the opinion of the expert and, if necessary, the recommendations of another specialist, the Natural Protection Board shall send the information characterising the micro-reserves at its disposal to the local government and the land owner (tenant or lawful possessor) for the provision of an opinion.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Natural Protection Board shall, within two months from the time of informing the local government and land owner or legal possessor, take one of the decisions:
    1) regarding the establishment of a micro-reserve;
    2) regarding the extension of the time period for taking a decision;
    3) regarding the rejection of a proposal for establishing a micro-reserve;
    4) regarding the review of the proposal for establishing a micro-reserve.
    If an expert on the areas of the planned micro-reserve cannot be evaluated due to the biological cycle of the species or habitat, as well as in the case of an opinion of another specialist, the time period for taking the decision may be extended.