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The nature data management system called “Ozola” contains textual and geospatial information on specially protected nature areas, micro-reserves, specially protected species and specially protected habitats, management measures and natural tourism and education infrastructure in specially protected nature areas, information on specially protected areas and micro-reserves, on which compensation paid for restrictions on economic activity from the State budget, biodiversity monitoring data and other data relevant in the field of nature protection.
The natural data management system is a national information system and the holder and controller is the Natural Protection Board.

In addition to publicly available system data, a registered user has the right to:
1) download geospatial information regarding specially protected species and habitats, except restricted accessibility information, which is issued in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the issuance of restricted access information;
2) to obtain information from forest management plans developed in accordance with the regulatory enactments regulating the protection and use of protected areas;
3) to acquire information regarding planned and implemented measures for the management of protected areas, micro-reserves, specially protected species and habitats;
4) to acquire geospatial information regarding protected territories and micro-reserves, in respect of which compensation from the State or local government budget has been paid for the restrictions on economic activity specified.

A user guide is available for easier use of the Natural Data Management System. This e-service is available online and you can also print the information you are browsing. Portal information published is an informative character.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    A registered user access acquisition person shall complete the application form and submit it to the Natural Protection Board.

    The use of the public part of the Natural Data Management System requires an Internet browser (preferably Firefox v. 3 or above) and must know the system address:

    A written agreement with the Nature Protection Board regarding the preparation and issuance of data from the Natural Data Management System shall be entered into in the following cases, submitting an application to the Natural Protection Board:
    - the person requests data on a regular basis;
    - the amount of data requested is high;
    - it is necessary to use specific methods or selection criteria for the preparation of the data;
    - the data is released for download via an online data transmission or File Transfer Protocol server.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Natural Protection Board shall, within 10 working days after receipt of the access of a user registered for the acquisition of an application, grant the rights of the registered user of the Natural Data Management System or refuse.
    Registered users connect to the Natural Data Management System:, using the user name and password.

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