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Dabas liegums Lubāna mitrājs
Dabas liegums "Lubāna mitrājs". Foto. D. Vasiļevskis

Specialists in the Nature Conservation Agency have found that water levels are critically low due to the dry summer of Lubana this year. If the situation does not improve in the near future, there is a risk that in the event of a severe winter, fish could be thirsted in the lake.

During the inspection of the natural closed Lubans wetland in Lubana Lake, specialists of the Regional Administration of Nature Protection (“the Agency”) found that water levels have been reduced in the water body - the lake maintains a minimum allowable water level of 80 cm or 92.1 m above sea level. . The Lake Lubana corresponds to the protected habitat of the European Union, “Eitrofi lakes with immersed aquatic plants and pelvis plants”, and the reduction of such water levels reduces habitat areas and quality, and there is a risk of fish thirsting in the event of a severe winter if water levels do not start to increase during the autumn period.

According to the request of the Agency, an explanation has been received from the State SIA “Ministry of Agriculture Real Estate”, which manages the floodgates of the waters regulating the Lake Lubans, that the water level of the lake is regulated in compliance with the rules for the operation (management) of Lubans Lake, and the water level of the lake has not decreased to the minimum allowable. “Activities” but resulting from existing exceptional external circumstances.

According to data from the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre, June and July 2021 in Latvia was the warmest observation in history since 1924. . Total rainfall in June was 44% below the monthly norm (41.0 mm), while in July 24% below the monthly norm (75.7 mm). This climatic situation contributed to increased water evaporation and, consequently, a decrease in water levels in Lake Luban. Rainfall increased in August, but the level of the lake did not increase as the increased amount of moisture was captured by the surface of the earth.

As autumn rains begin, water levels in Lake Lubana are expected to rise. Following the situation, the Agency will contact the State Environmental Service regarding the operation of hydronodes in conformity with the requirements of regulatory enactments and perform a re-examination.

The head of the control and supervision sector of Latgale Regional Administration Dagnis Vasilevskis admits that the current water level in Lubana is insufficient: “Normally, if the water level in Lubana is at least one-and-a-half to two meters deep. At the moment, it is more than insufficient, if the situation does not change, we can expect the thirst of fish in winter. . We are looking forward to the autumn rainfall so that the water level in Lubana is sufficient. "

The water level in Lake Lubana is regulated by the floodgates of Aiviekk and the floodgates of the canopy of the lake. . The banks of Lubana are surrounded by 36 km of dams and is the largest poached lake in Europe.