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The land owner or user is entitled to receive compensation from the Nature Protection Board for damage caused by specially protected non-hunted species and migratory species in the crop, aquaculture, livestock or beekeeping sector. In order to be compensated, the owner or user of the land must, instead of the damage, take protective measures to prevent the damage, as well as the amount of the damage caused, exceeds the minimum monthly salary specified in one country.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service is free of charge.
    The following may apply for compensation:
    - in the crop sector, during the spring and autumn migration season, but not more frequently than once for the total damage caused during each season. The area of damage in a given unit of land may not be less than 0,05 hectares;
    - in the aquaculture sector, not more frequently than once a year. The damage must have been done in fish ponds and the total area of fish ponds cannot be less than three hectares;
    - in the livestock sector or in the beekeeping sector, for the damage caused once and for all.

    In order to request compensation for losses in the crop and livestock sector or beekeeping sector, the land owner or user must submit to the Natural Protection Board (hereinafter - Office) Regulation No 114 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 February 2021, Procedures by which the owners or users of land shall determine the amount of losses related to the specially protected non-hunted species and migratory species. the relevant application form in Annex 1 or 2 for material damage caused by animals and the minimum requirements for protection measures for damage prevention '(hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”).

    In order to claim compensation for losses to aquaculture, the land owner or the user:
    - during the period from 20 March but not later than 1 October, the notification form in Annex 3 to the Regulation for the keeping of records of animals of specially protected non-hunted species and migratory species shall be submitted to the Board;
    - following the submission of the referred to statement on the 10 th and 25 th of each month, records of animals of non-hunted species and migratory species must be carried out using the form in Annex 4 of the Regulations, as well as data on the presence of an otter. The completed accounting data form must be submitted to the Board by the end of the following day;
    - between 25 October and 5 November, the application form in Annex 5 to the Regulation shall be submitted to the Board for compensation.

    In order to grant compensation to the owner or user of the land:
    - provide the protective measures referred to in the Regulations for the prevention of damage;
    - the conditions laid down in paragraph 7 of the Regulation (available: must be fulfilled;
    - the application for compensation must be accompanied by the following documents (certified copies thereof):
    1. a document certifying the right to use land if the land use rights have not been established in the Land Register (if the application is submitted by the land user);
    2. a mandate (if the application is submitted by an authorised person of the land owner or user);
    3. a land border plan (hereinafter - land border plan) has been registered in the State Cadastre information system of the immovable property. If the application is submitted for losses caused to aquaculture, the land border plan shall indicate the fish ponds in which the damage has been caused.
    - the amount of damage caused must exceed the minimum monthly salary specified in one country.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Board shall establish a commission within a period of 10 working days (crop production) or without delay, but not later than within five working days (livestock husbandry, apiculture) after receipt of the application, perform an inspection in nature and determine the damage.

    In order to assess losses to aquaculture, the Commission shall, at a random on the 12 th or 27 th of the month, but not less than twice during the season, carry out an inspection of the areas of fish ponds notified for compensation in nature.

    A decision on the granting of compensation, fixing the amount of the refund, or a refusal to grant compensation, shall be taken within one month:
    - after carrying out an inspection in nature for the damage caused to crop production, livestock production or beekeeping;
    - upon receipt of an application for the damage caused to aquaculture.

    The amount of the compensation shall not exceed 80% of the amount of the losses calculated. Where the owner or user of the land has received insurance compensation for the damage caused for which compensation is granted, the total amount of compensation and insurance compensation may not exceed 100% of the eligible costs.

    The Office shall ensure the payment of the compensation granted in accordance with the funds provided for this purpose in the State budget.