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Receiving restrictions

Nature conservation boards shall issue conditions for the development of a land survey project if the design area contains a specially protected nature area, except for natural monuments, the neutral zone of the specially protected nature area, the protected landscape protection zone, the biosphere reserve landscape protection zone and the protected landscape area, if they are not allocated to the functional zones, and co-ordinate the graphical part of the land survey project.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service is free.
    A person shall complete the application form and submit it to the Natural Protection Board. When submitting documents electronically, they must be signed with an e-signature.
    The graphical parts of the land survey project shall be submitted in the form of an electronic document, which has been prepared in conformity with the regulatory enactments regarding the drawing up of electronic documents.

  2. Receipt of services
    The Natural Protection Board shall, upon the request of the land installation, also issue the information necessary for the development of the land survey project regarding micro-reserves and the boundaries of specially protected nature territories, as well as regarding the protection regime thereof, if the project is developed in specially protected nature territories.
    When issuing the conditions for the development of a land planning project, the Natural Protection Board will indicate whether the graphic part of the project needs to be aligned with the Nature Protection Board and, if necessary, indicate the format (in the vector format or in the portable document (PDF) format) in which the project is to be submitted for harmonisation.
    The Nature Protection Board shall co-ordinate the graphical part of the land survey project or accept a reasoned refusal within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the submission and all the necessary documents.