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The Nature Protection Board shall certify an expert in the field of protection of species and habitats according to his or her experience and professional knowledge of a specific species, group of species or group of habitats. A certificate regarding a specific group of species, species or habitat group for which an expert is entitled to provide an opinion shall be granted by the Natural Protection Board to an expert for a period of three years. The period of validity of the certificate may be extended for a period of five years.
The opinion of an expert certified in the field of protection of species and habitats is necessary in order to establish micro-reserves and to recognise permanent grasslands and pastures as biologically valuable grassland, as well as in cases specified in the regulatory enactments regarding the nature conservation plan of the specially protected nature area and in other regulatory enactments.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service is free.
    A person wishing to obtain a certificate regarding the right to provide an opinion expressing an opinion regarding a particular group of species, species or habitat group must submit a written submission to the Nature Protection Board regarding the issuance of the certificate and the necessary documents.
    In order to extend the term of validity of the certificate, the applicant shall submit a written submission and the necessary documents to the Natural Protection Board.
    For the receipt of an expert's certificate:
    - An application;
    - copies of educational documents;
    - a description of the progress of life (CV);
    - a recommendation from the sectoral institution, professional association, association, foundation, educational or scientific establishment or certified expert, which includes the characteristics of the individual concerned, as well as an assessment of competence and professional activity;
    - copies of documents certifying professional qualifications and training (certificates, certificates);
    - copies of the opinions referred to in Section 2.2.2 of Cabinet Regulation No 267 of 16 March 2010, Procedures for the Certification and Performance Supervision of Species and Habitats Protection Experts.
    For the extension of the expert's certificate:
    - a copy of the opinions delivered during the period of validity of the certificate (with cartoshems);
    - information regarding works performed during the period of validity of the certificate in relation to species groups, species or groups of habitats in the cases specified in regulatory enactments (e.g. environmental impact assessment, nature protection plan, monitoring);
    - information regarding scientific activities or activities in the nature protection project (as attested by a scientific publication or a statement issued by the project manager or the project managing authority).

  2. Receipt of services
    The Nature Protection Board shall review the application of the applicant within one month from the day of receipt of the submission and take a decision regarding the issuance of the certificate or refusal to issue the certificate, as well as a decision regarding the extension of the period of validity of the certificate or a refusal to extend it (indicating the justification for the refusal).
    A decision on refusal to issue a certificate or refusal to extend it shall be issued in writing to the applicant within five working days of the taking of the relevant decision.