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Any person
Receiving restrictions

The nature data management system called “Ozola” contains textual and geospatial information on specially protected nature areas, micro-reserves, specially protected species and specially protected habitats, management measures and natural tourism and education infrastructure in specially protected nature areas, information on specially protected areas and micro-reserves, on which compensation paid for restrictions on economic activity from the State budget, biodiversity monitoring data and other data relevant in the field of nature protection.
The natural data management system is a national information system and the holder and controller is the Natural Protection Board.
The service is available to a person when a geospatial data set use license issued by the Nature Protection Board has been received, a licensing agreement has been entered into or another contract has been entered into.
Ways of receiving a geospatial data set:
1) using the electronic data medium of the interrogator;
2) electronically to an e-mail address;
3) with a download service using a data exchange server (FTP server).

Process description

  1. Actions required to request a service
    A person shall submit a request for the use of a geospatial data set in order to obtain permission to use the dataset.

  2. Service Receiving Required Actions
    Taking into account the information specified in the request for use regarding the status of the applicant for the geospatial data set, the necessary geospatial data, the purpose and type of their use, the Nature Protection Board shall determine the appropriate type of usage rules and identify the joint use or re-use of the geospatial data set.
    The Nature Protection Board shall, on the basis of the information specified in the request for use, issue a licence for the use of the geospatial data set, enter into a licensing agreement ( or another contract drawn up in conformity with the requirements for the use of the geospatial data set.