Execution deadline in working days
Any person
Receiving restrictions

In order for a person to perform various activities or measures in specially protected nature territories and micro-reserves, it is necessary to obtain a written authorisation or consent of the Nature Protection Board, for example:
- changing the land use category,
- the organisation of public events (road competition, motor competition, cycling, rally, water sport and water switching competitions and orientation competitions),
- for the felling (harvesting) of a protected tree (a tree), felling of trees in a protected alley or dendrological plantation, the renewal of a dendrological plantation, the performance of specially protected species or habitats and natural monuments management measures, forest cultivation and the restoration of forest stands (by sowing or planting), the adjustment of the number of animals,
- the use of water vehicles and motor vehicles,
- monitoring and research activities,
- for carrying out works.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service is free.
    The person shall complete the relevant form and submit it to the Natural Protection Board. When submitting documents electronically, they must be signed with an e-signature.

  2. Receipt of services
    After evaluating and examining the notified activity in the area (if necessary), the Natural Protection Board shall issue a permit or a consent within the time period and in accordance with the procedures specified in the Administrative Procedure Law or take a decision regarding a refusal to issue a permit or a consent.

    It should be noted that it is not necessary to receive a written permit or consent of the Nature Protection Board for activities for which the State Environmental Service has issued technical regulations or performed an initial environmental impact assessment in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the environmental impact assessment.