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Rāznas Nacionālā parka atrašanās vieta latvijā.

Rāzna National Park was established to preserve natural values, as well as the characteristic cultural and landscape environment of Latgale in a large area of ​​Latgale. Here, 14 habitats of Annex 1 of the EU Habitats Directive have been identified. 14% of the territory is occupied by eutrophic lakes. Relatively large diversity of meadows (4 types of meadow habitats of European importance). One of the most scenic lakes - Ežezers - with 26 islands, which are covered mainly with deciduous forests. There are also spruce forests and springs. An important area for the protection of oak forests, boreal forests and mineral-rich springs on the islands. Green dicotyledonous and yellow cuckoo (EU Directive species) have been found on several islands. Island forests are suitable for woodpecker nesting.

Management Category: National Park, Natura 2000 site standard data form
Code: LV0303400
Administrative Territory: site falls in Mākoņkalna, Čornajas, Kaunata and Luznava parishes of Rezekne municipality, Dagda municipality Andzeļi, Andrupene and Ezernieki parishes, Ludza municipality Rundenu parish.
Area: 59615 ha
Foundation Year: 2007
Management Authority: Nature Conservation Agency unit - Latgale Regional Administration
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1989-1991. The study of the Environmental Protection Committee for the first time emphasizes the problem of the deterioration of the ecological condition of Lake Rāzna in comparison with the 1950s and 1960s.

1997. Daugavpils University develops recommendations for the functional zoning of the Rāzna Lake catchment area.

1999. The Latvian Nature Protection Fund provides funding for the Daugavpils University project on the establishment of the Rāzna Nature Park.

2001. Eight parish municipalities (Andrupene, Andzeļi, Ezernieki, Čornaja, Kaunata, Mākoņkalns, Lūznava and Rundēni) sign a letter of intent on the establishment of Rāzna National Park.

2004. The Cabinet of Ministers makes a decision on the establishment of the Rāzna Nature Park. LIFE Nature project “Protection of species and habitats in the nature park“ Rāzna. ”Starts operating.

2005. Within the framework of the LIFE Nature project, the development of a nature protection plan is started.

2007. The Rāzna National Park Law enters into force on 1 January.

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