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Teiču dabas rezervāta atrašanās vieta Latvijā

Teiči Strict Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Latvia. Teiči bog is one of the largest intact moss bogs in the Baltics. Teiči Nature Reserve is important for:
- conservation of mire-specific and rare bird species;
- as a feeding and resting place for migratory waterbirds;
- conservation of wetland plant species and habitats;
- ensuring the survival of many invertebrate species.

Teiču dabas rezervāts. Purva ainava. Foto: DAP
Teiči Strict Nature Reserve. Rised bog landscape. View from Kristakrūgs viewing tower. Photo: NCA

Management Category: Strict Nanature Reserve since 1982, Important Bird Area since 1994, wetland of international importance (Ramsar Convention site) since 1995, Natura 2000 area since 2004.
Code: LV0100500
Administrative Territory: site falls in Madona municipality Mētriena and Barkava parish, Varakļāni municipality Murmastiene and Varakļāni parish, Krustpils municipality Atašiene parish
Area: 19 771 ha
Foundation Year: 1982
Management Authority: Nature Conservation Agency unit - Latgale Regional Administration
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